Design/Build Construction

Here Are Some Interesting Numbers . . .

Design Build LogoThere are many compelling reasons to consider design/build construction for your next project. Major construction projects benefit greatly from design/build whereas smaller projects aren’t impacted all that much. Smaller projects can be approached and handled in what most people look at as the traditional way, design – bid – build.

The funny thing about design – bid – build is that the process has only been around for about 150 years. Before the advent of that process or approach to building there  existed The Master Builder. He served the same purpose as today’s design/build contractors, he handled everything! He designed, fair market priced the project and did all the work himself. Master Builders worked on such high ticket items as pyramids, coliseums, cathedrals etc. If he messed up, it was his responsibility. No finger-pointing, or lame excuses.

Oh, those numbers we promised you in our headline, well listen to this.  Remember, this is using the design – bid – build approach NOT the design/build method of construction.  The Building Smart Alliance estimated that as much as 50% of the cost of a typical construction project is waste.  Of the total cost of a project, 12% is spent on wasted material, 7% is wasted due to poor planning, 10% is wasted due to rework and avoidable collisions between trades, and 8% is wasted by the production, transportation and pricing of construction documents.

Those are high percentages for a projects costing $200,000.00 or more and add up to a lot of money left on the table. Granted, not every project has the same percentages and sometimes, the losses are even higher! Do you want that to be your next project? Can you afford to take that kind of chance with your hard earned money?

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