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Getting Back On Track By Simplifying

April 15th is traditionally a very stressful and worrisome day for many folks. Money, payments, extensions, midnight deadlines all serve to raise blood pressures and heighten anxiety levels just a bit! One year ago on April 15,  I had the added pleasure of having a heart attack. A full-blown, totally unexpected assault on the very organ that keeps us all alive. No symptoms except for a small amount of pain in my arms as the only tell-tale sign of what was to come.

In the years’ time since, I have taken stock of a good number of things in my life. For all of you who were at my side, in my corner and “had my back” … the largest ” Thank You” humanly possible doesn’t even begin to cover it. You know who you are and you also know of the undying friendship we’ll share forever.

In the process, we have taken stock of WW Builders as well. It seems change is in order. Just as I’ve had to change many things in my life and lifestyle, perhaps WW Builders can use a little “style” change as well. It’s never to late to change anything in life, believe me when I tell you that. Sometimes in business as in life we become complacent, stuck in a rut, knee deep in mud with no desire or willpower to get out!

So here we go with a greater appreciation of many things and the clients we serve. Watch for our changes. Some will be obvious and some more subtle but just as important. No, we’re not trying to re-invent the wheel here, just make it run a little more efficient for everyone!

Feel free to let us know how we’re doing . . .

Jim Simpson: Construction Manager/Design Consultant

Jim Simpson: Construction Manager/Design Consultant


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